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What's the Broadband Speeds Code of Practice?

Ofcom's Voluntary Code of Practice makes sure people get clearer information about the speeds on any broadband service they’re thinking about buying. It’s also designed to protect consumers when the speeds they receive don’t match up to what they were promised before buying.

Utility Warehouse has signed up to the Ofcom's Voluntary Code of Practice – so our members know exactly what to expect.

The code applies to any company selling and supplying residential broadband products, including those used by small businesses.


What does it mean for our members?
How we work out your speeds
What speed estimates will I get when signing up for Broadband?
Different types of broadband speed
How can I check my broadband download/upload speed through my router?
How can I test the speed of my broadband connection?
What can affect the broadband speed I get?
What should I do if I have a problem with my broadband speed?
Are there any conditions?
Where can I find your traffic management policy?
Can I see a copy of the Code of Practice?

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