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What can I do to improve the speed of my broadband?

There's a lot of things that can affect the speed of your broadband. From how for your property is from the telephone exchange to where you keep your router.

Below we have a few top tips to help you get the best speeds possible.

  1. Use the Master socket: This will reduce the risk of interference from any extension sockets you have. Click here to see what a Master socket looks like.
  2. Check Micro-filters: These filter the phone and broadband signal on your phone line to maximise speed and stability of your connection. Click here for more information on Microfilters.
  3. Clear your cache: It's important to keep your web browser in top condition, you may also find it useful to close and programmes/applications that you're not using. You can find out how to clear your cache here.
  4. Too many devices: Using lots of different computers, tablets, smartphones or gaming devices connected to the internet at the same time, will slow down your broadband speed.
  5. Protect your devices from viruses: It's vital that you keep your computer protected with up to date internet security software and run regular anti-virus scans.


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