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What's a Master socket?

Your master socket is the point where the external phone line enters your home. It's a white, plastic square box built into your wall, and can usually be found in your hallway, or near your front door. It'll be bigger than any other phone socket in your house and offers the strongest broadband signal.

All the other sockets in your home are connected to your master socket with extension wiring. This type of wiring isn’t ideal for carrying broadband signals and can become damaged over time. That's why it's important to always connect your router to your master socket.


Standard master sockets only have one port on the front. If you want to connect your router to a standard socket, you'll need to use a microfilter to stop your phone and broadband signals from interfering with each other. You'll also need to connect a microfilter to every other socket you use in your home.

Pre-filtered master sockets have two ports on the front. This means that your line is already split between your phone and broadband connection, so you don't need to use any microfilters.

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