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How can I top up my mobile?

Top up using your UW App

If you haven't already and your on your mobile now, you can download our app here UW Clubhouse app. Alternatively, go to your app store on your mobile device and search for UW Clubhouse.

 Top up by logging into your online Clubhouse account,

You'll just need to follow these steps:

  • Click on Mobile
  • Select the mobile you'd like to top up from the list
  • Click Top up mobile that's found on the right-hand side

 Topping up from abroad

You'll be able to top-up through the Clubhouse or by ringing our overseas number +44 20 8955 5557 and speaking to one of our Advisors.

Why can I no longer top-up by dialing 150?

We retired this service in favour of giving our customers more control and ease through our online services. Here you can simply use a new or stored debit card and select the amount you wish to top up. If your having trouble topping up online or need help to set up, you can call and speak to our customer service team.

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